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Home by the sea: A movie thriller made novel.

Writer Aaron Baker decides to study mental illnesses for his next book. To do this, he convinces the director of a psych ward to let him spend time with the patients. But through his investigations he uncovers a corruption scheme inside the institution that strays him from his original objective. Little does Aaron know he’s about to expose a murder so horrific it will forever change the ward and his own life.
Home by the Sea presses the reader to devour chapter after chapter with the kind of suspense only the best crime fiction delivers, at the same time as it moves readers by submerging them in the internal changes each character goes through, their doubts and their fears to conquer. Chock full of plot twists and chilling moments of horror, Shyreen Tyler’s cinematographic language in Home by the Sea paint a picture so vivid it sticks with you long after you've put down the book.

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Read the first two chapters here


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