Blade of the Destroyer: The Last Bucelarii

Hey there! For the last couple of months,  I've been reading a book in the Fantasy genre, written by a very talented writer, Andy Peloquin. His book, Blade of the Destroyer: The Last Bucelarii, pleasantly surprised me.

This book introduces us to the Hunter, a merciless, blood thirsty assasin-for-hire that conducts business in the fictional city of Voramis. Along with his faithful dagger, Soulhunger, he is well known and feared all over the city. If the price is right, the Hunter will take the job and enjoy the kill. He has skills that other human beings don't possess. He has no explanation on how he got them; in fact, he has no memory at all about his past. All he cares is that these skills make him the hunting animal he is and allows him to work under the noses of the Dark Heressy and the Hand, organizations that rule the land with corruption and dirty practices. In spite of his constant desire for blood, the Hunter has a human side. He helps the less fortunate and is respectful of women, at least of some of them.

Even though the Hunter calls Voramis his home, there are hidden secrets in its streets and history, unknown to him. Secrets that would test his physical and mental capacities and that would make him discover his limits. Secrets that would shake the very foundation of his being and that could change his destiny if he embraces them.

This book is engaging and intriguing. The author, Andy Peloquin, does a great job at creating the characters, dialog and environment. Voramis is a fantasy land that could easily remind the reader of Middle Earth or Westeros. While some characters appear for just a few lines, the overall dialog and description makes the reader believe that he's known them for longer. One of my favorite characters is a villain. Thus, the author has the capacity to make hateful characters likeable, even funny.

The book is full of action sequences. If you are faint of stomach, this book might not be for you. The description of the sword fights are full of blood and guts, portrayed so vividly that I glanced at myself from time to time to make sure I wasn't splattered.  During the first two-thirds of the book I couldn't put it down.  Towards the end, the story started to slightly drag. This is the moment when a lot of truths come to light. While it doesn't lack action, it felt a bit long.

All in all, I found Blade of the Destroyer: The Last Bucelarii entertaining and would recommend it to every one that likes Fantasy. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

Hope you give it try!

That's all for now. Until we meet again, be safe and keep reading!


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