Happy 2015!

Hi there! Sorry for the long silence. I just realized that the last time I posted was on November, just the week before Thanksgiving.

 The holidays kept me away from my duties as a writer. With my mom visiting me from my home country (Venezuela for those who don't know), and me visiting my brother in the wonderful city of London, more than a month passed without even noticing it.

As most humans on Earth, I have made my resolutions for 2015. I kept my list short, with the purpose of accomplishing all of my goals. One of them will require your involvement. I will be posting more information shortly; I just need to work my plan a little further before bringing you in. I hope that when the time comes, I can count on you.

 I haven't forgotten about the free download link for Victory. I promise it will be live before the end of January. 2015. I also have plans to post more of these short stories during the year, as a gift to you. Stay tuned.

 I wish you all a very productive and healthy 2015. Stay safe, be happy and over all, keep reading.


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