Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hunting for reviews

Hey everyone! A couple of posts back I mentioned that I have plans for this year for which I would need your help. I'm still finalizing the details but for now I would like to ask all who have read Home by the Sea to leave a review on the Amazon page if it's not too much trouble.

This is the direct link to leave a review for Home by the Sea. You need to be logged in to Amazon for it to work.

For those who have downloaded Victory, THANKS!!! I hope you are enjoying it. If you are already logged in to Amazon, might as well leave a review for that too. Here is the link. I know, you downloaded Victory from Smashwords and not from Amazon. That's because Amazon doesn't allow to publish free books. However, Amazon has better visibility, thus a review there would be more beneficial.

I truly appreciate your help. Keep in touch as I will be posting a new short story in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Free Victory Download!

Hello there! Finally! Victory is ready for FREE download. I know, it took me a while but, as I keep most of my promises, here it is:

This is one of the many gifts I have planned for you this year. Feel free to share it with friends and family, or tell them to come here and get their own copy. While you are at it, remind them to also get a copy of my novel Home by the Sea (see how I added a shameless book promotion there?)

In a couple of weeks I'll be posting another short story for your enjoyment. This one is much shorter, and darker, not suitable for young minds.

Until then, be safe and keep reading.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

Hi there! Sorry for the long silence. I just realized that the last time I posted was on November, just the week before Thanksgiving.

 The holidays kept me away from my duties as a writer. With my mom visiting me from my home country (Venezuela for those who don't know), and me visiting my brother in the wonderful city of London, more than a month passed without even noticing it.

As most humans on Earth, I have made my resolutions for 2015. I kept my list short, with the purpose of accomplishing all of my goals. One of them will require your involvement. I will be posting more information shortly; I just need to work my plan a little further before bringing you in. I hope that when the time comes, I can count on you.

 I haven't forgotten about the free download link for Victory. I promise it will be live before the end of January. 2015. I also have plans to post more of these short stories during the year, as a gift to you. Stay tuned.

 I wish you all a very productive and healthy 2015. Stay safe, be happy and over all, keep reading.