A blog...

So it seems that all writers, from aspiring to best sellers, have a blog. Since I'm an aspiring writer who one day would like to be in the best sellers category, here it is. The idea is for me to post news, updates, short stories and whatever else comes to mind. The plan is to post two to three times a week. I will do my best effort to stick to it, although I know I'll be lucky if I can post once a month. The reason for my doubt is because, besides my day job, I currently have two main projects which are taking most of my time: the promotion of my first published novel, Home by the Sea, and the writing of my next story. My next manuscript, which remains untitled up to now, doesn't follow the same mystery-thriller genre as Home by the Sea. It's directed more towards young adults who like dark stories, since apparently my head cannot come up with happy go lucky tales. It will consist of five short stories, which are related to one another by the narrator. I'll post more details as the stories start taking form. I will also need your help to come up with the title of the book. That's all for now. I'll come back with more in a couple of days... hopefully.


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